On-Property Signage

Grand Opening Credentials

Table Felts


America’s Best Dance Crew winners, Jabbawockeez, were headed to Luxor. An exciting opportunity for me, since I was tapped to create a whole slew of materials for their debut. A photoshoot was set up, the only plan being to capture each of them in an exciting pose. Although it was like herding kittens, the guys managed to channel their energy into performing for the camera. For the new show, PRISM, each of the crew had a specific color (one called himself “Citrus”), and I thought would be cool create a series of pieces using the color as a background (not unlike the UMC campaigns). You’d see the dance pose and the iconic mask. I didn’t know how complicated it would get when the client loved it so much that everything ended up having six iterations.

Art Direction & Design: Michael Dunn
Photography: Erik Kabik