GOOD TO BE BAD — Treasure Island

For this smoker, Treasure Island went with a more adult-oriented theme: Heaven and Hell. Sometimes a copywriter writes something that’s challenging to fit into a design. I got my revenge on this, asking Chris to write the copy with the seven virtues and seven sins intertwined in the copy.

Meanwhile, I had a challenge of my own. Although the images Francis shot were amazing, there was a lot of retouching to be done. Adding wings, a snake, swapping heads and creating a hellish and heavenly environment.

I knew I wanted to hire a calligrapher to create a logo and two custom alphabets, so the piece was a simple gatefold without any special techniques (although it was stochastic screened). Everything came together on time and on budget.

Art Direction, Retouching & Design: Michael Dunn
Copy: Chris Smith
Photography: Francis George
Custom Typography: Nancy Ogami