Summer is a dreaded time when doing marketing for a resort/casino. That's when the jobs get opened for the biggest events: New Years, Chinese New Year and Super Bowl. Not that it's all bad; there are a lot of chances to do some great design, but it can get pretty hairy.

I'd presented the idea of a book a few times in the past when the budget allowed, but hadn't gotten my chance. This time, though, they went for it. And went for my surreal circus idea (although, originally a male model was going to be dressed up as various circus animals).

Francis and Francis shot and retouched the images, composoting them with stock images; I then incorporated them into the backgrounds I'd created. The resulting images won Gold at the local and regional Addys. Oh, and I learned how to create 3D type for the headlines.

Art Direction, Illustration & Design: Michael Dunn
Copy: Tyler Coonts
Photography: Francis George
Retouching: Francis Baytan